Poetics of the Phonotext

Steve Evans of the NPF’s Editorial Collective will be giving a talk this Monday at The Poetry Project in New York City. The talk draws on his ongoing research on digital technology and poetics. Evans has also presented this work in two seminars for the University of Maine English Department, where he is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Coordinator. (Information about those seminars, “Listen! Poetry in the Age of the MP3,” can be found at his website, Third Factory; links here and here).

The Poetry Project gives the following announcement in its Program Calendar:

Talk Series: Steve Evans on The Poetics of the Phonotext: Timbre, Text, and Technology in Recorded Poetry

March 15, 2010
8:00 pm

In the mid-1980s Steve Evans did a serious stint under the headphones, listening to, cataloging, and transferring the decaying reel-to-reel collection that the Archive for New Poetry at UCSD had acquired from Poetry Project hero Paul Blackburn. Ever since, he’s been following and, when possible, contributing to the ongoing conversation about the analysis and interpretation of poems not just as printed texts but as voiced structures whose meaning can be “sounded” as well as seen. In this talk, Evans will share his recent thinking on the topic with special reference to Paul Blackburn’s practice as devoted “audiographer” of his age.

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