Preview of Paideuma Volume 36: Andrea Brady

Our first preview of Paideuma 36 features an important new essay on John Wieners, one that will be of great interest to any lover of this poet’s work, and a guide for any future scholar looking to delve into the Wieners archives.

Andrea Brady‘s “Making Use of this Pain: The John Wieners Archives” is a rigorous and entertaining study of Wieners’s literary remains. Brady uses the archives to inform her reading of several of his poems — and dispels the popular myth that Wieners wrote without revision.

We are very excited to publish Brady’s article as it marks our first on Wieners’s work.

rob mclennan recently interviewed Brady for his blog — read the post here.

A short quote from the article is below. We hope you look forward to reading Brady’s essay in Paideuma 36.

Like all of Wieners’s poems, these archives raise difficult questions for readers about the relationship between experimentation and confusion, deliberation and accident, performance and confession, or between public and private selves. Above everything, they offer insight into Wieners’s working methods as he adapted his “very special reality” to the needs of poetry, friendship and survival.

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