“…She Had a Cool Bob Haircut…”

This past Friday was H. D.’s birthday. Didn’t expect to hear it marked on Sports Talk Radio. But Petros and Money would do it, if anyone. How much did I enjoy this? Enough to overlook the snicker when Petros says “American poet.”

Click on the text below for a link to the audio:

PETROS: Leading off Rin Tin Tin and Roger Maris for your dead guy birth of the day is H.D., a.k.a. Hilda Doolittle, 124 years old, American poet and novelist. She had a cool bob haircut. She was an early twentieth-century avant-garde imagist. Hung out with dudes like Ezra Pound. She was the daughter of academics in Pennsylvania. She was married to the poet Richard Aldington. And she underwent psychoanalysis from Sigmund Freud. How many people can say that?

MONEY: I’m gonna say . . . not a lot . . . of people can say that?

And then it’s on to John William “Bill” Stevenson of the Descendents, born the same day as H. D. . . . and still living.

(For podcasts of the show go here; scroll down to “9/10 PMS Hour 4” for the whole segment.)

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