Announcing Paideuma 37

Tyrolean mask from the cover of Tiroler Masken by Mary de Rachewiltz (Milan: All’Insegna del Pesce d’Oro, 1960). Ezra Pound: “where the masks come from, in the Tirol, / in the winter season / searching every house to drive out the demons” (Canto 74).

Hello everyone!

The National Poetry Foundation blog has been quiet for a few months, as we have been working overtime in the preparation of two volumes of Paideuma. If both volumes appear this year, as we fully expect (and by “year” we mean the academic year, Fall 2010-Spring 2011), the journal will truly be caught up, on schedule, and ready to move forward at a brisk pace. This is the culmination of a lot of planning and a lot of work over the last four years, about which we will have more to say in the near future. For now, we wanted to announce the appearance of the first of those two volumes, Paideuma 37 (2010), a handsome collection of documents and essays — over 350 pages! — the majority celebrating Mary de Rachewiltz, whose 85th birthday we mark with a special section. This section (edited by Richard Sieburth) features several facsimiles that will be of keen interest to readers of Ezra Pound. In the coming days we will be posting brief excerpts.

Cover of January 1939 issue of Reijokai (Young Ladies’ World), a Japanese girl’s magazine. A Japanese translation of “Gais: The Beauties of the Tirol,” written in 1937 by then-twelve-year-old Mary de Rachewiltz, was published in this issue.

Longtime readers of Paideuma will need no introduction to Mary de Rachewiltz. Ezra Pound’s daughter and translator, and a fine poet in her own right, she is the author of an extraordinary memoir, Ezra Pound, Father and Teacher: Discretions, and a longtime supporter of Pound scholarship, first at Yale (home of the Ezra Pound Papers), now at Brunnenburg Castle, Italy, where she founded The Ezra Pound Center for Literature.

In addition to the documentary material in our birthday tribute, Paideuma 37 features essays on Ezra Pound, Lorine Niedecker, and Marxist poetics. More on these soon! For the full contents, see our entry for the volume on the Paideuma blog, which includes tables of contents for the entire run of the journal (link).

To get the word out about this volume we are pleased to be able to offer it at a special discount. Paideuma subscriptions for individuals are $30 a year domestic and $40 outside the U.S. Through March readers of this blog can purchase Paideuma 37 (and our previous volume, 36 [link]) at the low price of $20 (or $30 for orders outside the U.S).

To order, please call Gail Sapiel at  207-581-3813 or send her an email at gail [dot] sapiel [at] umit [dot] maine [dot] edu.  Tell her that you read about the new issue on the blog to receive this promotional discount.

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