Paideuma News: Published and Forthcoming

We have not been updating the blog in recent years but hope to rectify that in the months ahead. Many projects have been taking shape behind the scenes and we want to let the public know about those.

To begin with, Paideuma‘s back issues are now archived on Jstor (link). There is at present a delay between publication and archiving so our most recent issues are still print only.

Another important change: beginning with volume 44, Paideuma began publishing an annual symposium. The first was planned with former editorial assistant Jill Hughes and subsequent editorial assistants have played a crucial role in determining the topic and inviting participants.

One of our goals at the outset was to expand the range of contributors to the journal and to widen its horizon beyond that of Paideuma‘s original, Poundian commitments. We are now in the process of editing our fifth symposium and feel that the roster of poets and scholars who have participated and the perspectives they have opened up marks the initiative as a success. Details on these recent and forthcoming issues can be found on the Paideuma blog (link), but here is an overview of our five symposia.

First Symposium
“In what sense does the work to which you are committed share in the renovation of society?”
Volume 44 (2017)

Rachel Tzvia Back, Sarah Barnsley, Allison Cobb, Commune Editions, Maria Damon, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Norman Finkelstein, Alan Golding, Michael Heller, David Herd, Laura Hinton, Linda A. Kinnahan, Ann Lauterbach, Philip Metres, Malgorzata Myk, A. L. Nielsen, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Dale Smith, Askia M. Touré, David Trinidad, Keith Tuma, Ann Vickery, Fred Wah, and Jerome McGann.

Second Symposium
Literary History
Volume 45 (2018)

Hélène Aji, Gregory Betts, James Brophy, David Buuck, Cristina Giorcelli, Kaiser Haq, Jeanne Heuving, Erin Kappeler, J. Peter Moore, Chris Nealon, Nancy Ellen Ogle, Josephine Park, Joshua Schuster, Lytle Shaw, Brian Kim Stefans, Erica Weaver, and Tyrone Williams.

Third Symposium
Volume 46 (2019) (in press)

Jacqueline Ardam, Clint Burnham, Cris Cheek, Cheryl Clarke, Peter Coviello, Ray DeJesus, Kristin Dykstra, Alec Finlay, Norman Fischer, Michael Kelleher, Hank Lazer, David Marriott, James Maynard, Peter O’Leary, Bob Perelman, The Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt Recovery Project (Elizabeth Renker, Jolie Braun, S. E. Andres, Larry Michaels), David Pritchard, Suzanne Stein, Gillian White, and John Wilkinson. With an afterword by Andrew Epstein.

Fourth Symposium
Literature and War
Volumes 47-48 (2020-2021) (in production)

Ammiel Alcalay, Ifi Amadume, Merle L. Bachman, Steve Benson, Richard Berengarten, Stephen Collis, Adam Gilbert-Berry, Pierre Joris, Mona Kareem, Ann Keniston, Phil Klay, Howard McCord, Tracie Morris, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Pina Piccolo, Kristin Prevallet/Yamuna Sangarasivam, Nahid Rachlin, Anthony Rudolf, Brooke Sheridan, Ryan Stovall, Jonathan Vincent, Mark Wallace, Robert Whelan, Shira Baron Wolosky, Wormser, and Rachel Zolf. With an afterword by Philip Metres.

Fifth Symposium
Poems We Live With
(editing underway)

Participants Include Charles Altieri, Tyler Babbie and Katelyn Kenderish, Massimo Bacigalupo, Jennifer Bartlett, Anne Boyer Andrea Brady, Franklin Bruno, Chris Chen, Kate Colby, Ann Cotten, Jordan Davis, Paul Eaton, Jack Foley, Stephen Fredman, Nora Fulton, Chris Funkhouser, Florian Gargaillo, Gary Geddes, Mary Ellis Gibson, M. R. Hoffer, Walt Hunter, Jack Jung, Daniel Kane Lynn Keller, Joy Ladin, Tim Lilburn, James Longenbach, Jill Magi, Shaul Magid, Leslie Morris, Miriam Nichols, Richard Owens, Jared Pearce, Seth Perlow, Jed Rasula, Brian Reed, Rhea Côté Robbins, Margaret Ronda, Claude Royet-Journoud Linda Russo, Siobhan Scarry, Andrew Schelling, David Levi Strauss, Maeera Yaffa Shreiber, Eric Selland, Courtney Weiss Smith, Keston Sutherland, and John Yau.



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