NPF Alumni

Since the NPF’s founding in 1971, an extraordinary number of scholars and poets have participated in its projects. One aim of this blog is to take note of their ongoing accomplishments as they come to our attention. As we do so, we will create here a growing list of “NPF Alumni.”

Alumni of the National Poetry Foundation include poets and scholars who have been published by the NPF, have presented at the NPF’s decade conferences, have read in the New Writing Series, or have studied poetry and poetics in the UMaine English Department.

If you fall into one of these categories, we want to hear from you. Also, because we are still digitizing our old records, we may miss something. Please send all updates to npf [dot] paideuma [at] umit [dot] maine [dot] edu.

For a complete list of alumni referenced in posts to date, click on the tabs “Alumni A-K” and “Alumni L-Z.”

Abbreviation Key



Person and Poet Volumes

BB Basil Bunting: Man and Poet (1980)
ChRCharles Reznikoff: Man and Poet (1984)
CRCarl Rakosi: Man and Poet (1993)
DJDavid Jones: Man and Poet (1989)
GOGeorge Oppen: Man and Poet (1982)
HDH.D.: Woman and Poet (1986)
HMHugh MacDiarmid: Man and Poet (1992)
LNLorine Niedecker: Woman and Poet (1996)
LZLouis Zukofsky: Man and Poet (1979)
MLMina Loy: Woman and Poet (1998)
MMMarianne Moore: Woman and Poet (1990)
MSMay Sarton: Woman and Poet (1982)
PKPatrick Kavanagh: Man and Poet (1986)
RJRonald Johnson: Life and Works (2008)
TSET. S. Eliot: Man and Poet (2 vols.) (vol. 1 1990; vol. 2 1992)
WCWWilliam Carlos Williams: Man and Poet (1983)

Other Edited Volumes

IATIn the American Tree (1986, 2002)
LMOTLiterary Modernism and the Occult Tradition (1996)
RCPWRobert Creeley: The Poet’s Workshop (1984)
SoOScenes of Ourselves: New Work on the New York School (2001)


NWS — UMaine New Writing Series

Conf — NPF Summer Conference(s):

83 — William Carlos Williams Commemorative Centennial Conference (1983)
85 — Ezra Pound Centennial Conference (1985)
86 — H.D. Centennial Conference (1986)
88 — T.S. Eliot Centennial Conference (1988)
90 — W.B. Yeats-Ezra Pound Celebration Conference (1990)
93 — The First Postmodernists: American Poets of the 1930s Generation (1993)
96 — American Poetry in the 1950s (1996)
00 — The Opening of the Field: North American Poetry in the 1960s (2000)
04 — Poetries of the 1940s: American and International (2004)
08 — Poetry of the 1970s (2008)

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